Online Evaluations for Courses

Course evaluations are conducted online using the Blue/Evaluation system by eXplorance. This system allows the College to fully automate all course evaluations and customize them to the specific needs of each department, school and course. 

Key features of the Blue/Evaluation system include:

  • Support for cross-listed courses
  • Evaluation of team-taught courses
  • Complete anonymity for students
  • Flexible completion windows for responses
  • Targeted and automatic email invites and reminders
  • Robust reporting features
Access to Online Evaluations

You may access online evaluations several ways:

Course Eval Administrators & Support

Have questions about the evaluation questions or timeframe for your course, contact the appropriate administrator:

  • Arts & Sciences - Students: [[dean-ugs,Dean of Undergraduate Studies]], Faculty should contact their departmental or program administrator for online evaluation questions.
  • School of Business -  [[m|ppwhis,Patricia Whisnant]]
  • School of Education -  [[w|dot.osborne,Dorothy Osborne]]
  • School of Law -  [[w|lajac1,Lizbeth Jackson]]
  • VIMS - [[v|hay, Jennifer Hay]] and [[v|cake, Cathy Cake]]