Online Evaluation FAQs

For Students

Where do I go to complete my evaluations?

Any of the following will work:

Can I complete my course evaluation using a mobile device? 

Yes.  Blue Evaluations is a web based solution and will work with smart phones and tablets.

Does it really matter if I complete these evaluations? 

Yes. Your feedback is vital to the College.  Results of evaluations are used by faculty to make changes in both the content and delivery of the course.  The evaluation results are also used to make personnel decisions and provide additional information for accreditation purposes.

Are all courses evaluated?

No.  While most courses are evaluated, for purposes of anonymity or for other reasons, some will not be. 

Will my instructor know if I completed the evaluation? 

No.  While instructors are able to view overall response rates, they can not identify individual student completion status. 

Are my responses confidential? 

Yes.  Faculty are provided summary reports only after grades have been submitted.  Summary reports DO NOT include any identifying student information.  Written comments are provided as submitted.

If the instructor does not know if I complete my evaluation, how am I able to receive reminders?

The course evaluation software automatically sends reminders to non-responders on a pre-defined schedule.  These reminders are 'personalized' using student names which are populated automatically by referencing the class list within Banner.  Faculty do not have access to the actual course evaluation.

I am in a course with more than one instructor.  Do I have to complete an entire evaluation form for every instructor? 

No. The evaluation forms have course-specific questions and instructor-specific questions.  Students answer the course-specific questions once.  Students receive the instructor-specific questions for each instructor (instructor names will be included in the question).

I do not see an evaluation for one of my courses, what should I do?

Course evaluations are released at different times.  Please check your dashboard in as evaluations will appear as they are released.  Please contact your school's course eval administrator if you have any questions about the invitation(s) you have or have not received.

Are all the course evaluations released at the same time?

No. Each academic area determines the dates that the evaluations open and close.

Will I have time in class to complete the evaluation?

The instructor determines whether or not class time will be used to complete the evaluation. 

I receive an error when I attempt to login.  What do I do?

Students must use their WMuserid and password to access the course evaluations.  Make sure you are entering your WMuserid and password correctly.  Business students should also use their WMuserid instead of their Mason username.  If you continue to receive a message that your credentials are invalid, please contact the Technology Support Center at

When I try to access my evaluations, I receive an error indicating the 'tasks are not accessible'.  What's wrong?

This error message is typically displayed when an evaluation is no longer available for completion.  The evaluation may have already been completed or the evaluation window may already be closed.  Students receiving this message in error should contact their school's course eval administrator.

I thought I completed my evaluations.  Why am I still receiving reminders?

Reminders are sent to students with any incomplete evaluations.  Login to to confirm you have submitted all your evaluations.  To avoid email reminders - complete your course evaluations.

Who should I contact for support?

If you have trouble logging-in to the system, contact the Technology Support Center (TSC).  All other questions should be directed to the appropriate department/school/program eval administrator.