Online Evaluation FAQs

For Faculty

What questions are on the evaluation form?

Questions are selected by your department/program/school.  Both the "rating" answers (i.e., 5 being Excellent and 1 being poor) and the questions requiring a text answer are included.  The students simply receive an electronic copy instead of a scantron.

Can I add my own questions?

The online system does allow instructors to add additional questions for each course.  Information will be sent to each faculty member by email.  Faculty may add questions with a "rating" answer (5=Excellent; 1=Poor) or a written answer.  You should check with your department/program/school eval administrator if you would like further information on this option.

How will the online evaluation be administered?

The most important way to ensure a good response rate and receive thoughtful feedback from students is to communicate the importance of course evaluations to the success of our academic programs.  Students will receive several email communications from their respective Dean or Associate Dean. These emails stress the importance the College places on the course evaluations and explains the simple process for completion.  Students who do not complete upon the first prompt can receive up to 3 more prompts through the system.

In addition:

  • Faculty are encouraged to stress the various ways of accessing evaluations (Blackboard or myLaw, myWM, William & Mary Mobile App, or email link).
  • Faculty can encourage their students to complete the online evaluations.
  • Faculty may continue to set aside time during class when students can complete the evaluation. In selecting this method, faculty are asked to remind students to bring their laptops (or device of choice) to class on the scheduled evaluation day.
  • The evaluation window for all courses will be determined by each school or department/program.  During this period, students will receive notice that the evaluations are available and subsequent reminders. 

Will I be able to monitor response rates while the course evaluation is open for students?

Yes.  The faculty of record for each course can login to to review response rates while the evaluation is open.  Final response rates will be available through summary reports.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Faculty will NOT be able to identify the status of any student or whether a particular student has completed the evaluation.

What are the benefits of transitioning to an online course evaluation system?

  • Students have more time to complete thoughtful responses and provide meaningful comments.
  • Faculty who prefer to not schedule time during class for evaluations will no longer need to do so.
  • Faculty will have electronic records of their course evaluations, including comments.
  • The system allows for more flexibility in reporting.

How will I know the evaluations for my courses are complete?

  • Faculty will receive an email indicating the reports are ready to be viewed.  Reports will be available after all grades are submitted.
  • Faculty can also view reports at, using your WMuserid and password to login.  Business faculty will also use their WMuserid - rather than their Mason username.

How do I save a copy of my course evaluation results?

Reports can be saved either as an HTML file or as a PDF.  Reports may also be printed directly from the web interface.

Who will have access to the results of my course evaluations?

There is no change in who can review faculty course evaluations in your school/department/program - Dean, Associate Dean, chairs/directors, and of course, you - the faculty member.  As in the past, the evaluations can be reviewed by the appropriate committee when a faculty member is up for tenure and/or promotion.

Who should I contact for support?

If you have trouble logging-in to the system, contact the Technology Support Center (TSC).  All other questions should be directed to the appropriate department/school/program eval administrator.