Washington 315




1.   To Start the System: 

       A.   In the center of the podium top you will find the Crestron control panel:






  Press the desired button for the application you desire.


       B.  The Selections are:

             System Off:    Select this button to turn the system off when you   

                                                are finished.

             System On:     Select this button to turn the projector on.


               PC:                   Select this button to show the podium computer via the      

                                          projector.  The XVGA Switcher controls all computer/audio

                                          projection located in this room. This  function may be

                                         completed by manually pressing the buttons on the switcher

                                          for computer, laptop or desired table.   SEE PIC BELOW!




              Laptop:                 Connect your notebook computer using the VGA and

 Network cables provided.  Log on to your computer and ONLY THEN select the Laptop button to show via the projector






      HDMI:          Select this button to project your HDMI source.

                                                Use the supplied HDMI connector to connect

                                                your source.






       Video:            Select this button to show devices using the supplied

                                               RCA Cables.






 DVD/VCR:         Select this button on the Crestron control panel to show DVD’s  

                                 or VHS tapes using the DVD/VCR combo via the Projector.  

                                 Use the remote control located in the Keyboard Tray to control the DVD/VCR combo.  Use the “Drive Select” button (top left; below “Power” button) to switch between DVD and tape playback.


         Auto Image:   Use this button to correctly adjust the image. 



         To Adjust the VOLUME:    Use the Volume  Knob on the upper right on the

                                                               Crestron control panel for all audio sources.



To Project your USB


  1. 1.    To use a USB flash drive Press PC on the Crestron Control Pad.
  2. 2.    Connect your USB to the USB slots on the front of the  

                   computer, or the USB cable pictured here: