Tucker 127A

Instructions for the use of

Tucker 127A Technology


1.   To Start the System:   On top of the podium you will find the Crestron Touch Panel:


 2. Press the desired button for the desired applicatrion.

      A.  The Selections are:

          PC  :                      This will bring the screen down and turn the projector on

          HDMI Cable:     This will connect your Notebook to the System

          VGA Cable:        This will connect your Notebook to the System

          Doc Camera:       This will display the Doc Camera to the screen

          Blue Ray:            This will play your disk 

          Mics:                    Use this button to adjust the Mic and Wireless volume 

          Screen:                 Use this to lower or raise the Screen    

          Mute:                    This will blank the screen.      

   3.   PC:         Select this button to show the podium computer via the projector. 

                 To use a USB flash drive, connect to either of the USB slots on the front  the computer. 



 4.  Notebook:  Connect your notebook computer using the VGA or the HDMI cables

                     provided.   Log on to your Notebook and select the VGA or HDMI button.


  5.  Hdmi Button:   Select the Hdmi button on the Touch Screen after turning on Notebook.


  6.  VGA Button:      Select the Vga button on the Touch Screen after turning on Notebook.    


 7. Document Camera: Select this button to bring up your Document Camera


            To raise or lower the Document Camera pull the grey square on the handle to the right

 8.  BLU-RAY:    Select this button to show Blu-Ray tapes using the Blu-Ray  Player via the Projector. 


             NOTE:  The player automatically saves the current position when 

                           playback is interrupted.  Operations such as Open and

                           Close caused the player to save the current playing position. 

                          The next time a disc with a saved playing  position is inserted,

                          the player will resume playback from   that point.  If you wish to

                          return to the beginning, you must press the STOP button when prompted.

  9.  To Turn the System Off:    In the upper right hand corner of the Touch Screen

                                                     You will see a round circle with a straight line in top

                                                     Of the circle.  Touch this and it will bring up the exit screen


 10. Select the green rectangle with the check and Turn Off System