Jones 302



  1.   To Start the System:

       A.   In the center of the podium top you will find the Crestron control panel:



 Press the desired button for the application you desire.  

      B.  The Selections are:

            System Off:    Select this button to turn the system off when you   

                                                are finished.

            System On:     Select this button to turn the projector o         

  PC:                   Select this button to show the podium computer via the                                    projector. 


To use a USB flash drive, connect to either of the USB slots on the front of the computer, or the USB cable pictured here:





            Laptop:          Connect your notebook computer using the VGA and

 Network cables provided.  Log on to your computer and ONLY THEN select the Laptop button to show via the projector




      HDMI:          Select this button to project your HDMI source.

                                                Use the supplied HDMI connector to connect

                                                your source.




        Video:            Select this button to show devices using the supplied

                                               RCA Cables.




 DVD/VCR:             Select this button to show DVD’s or VHS tapes using the DVD/VCR combo via the Projector.  Use the remote control located in the Keyboard Tray to control the DVD/VCR combo.  Use the “Drive Select” button (top left; below “Power” button) to switch between DVD and tape playback.

         Auto Image:   Use this button to correctly adjust the image.  

         To Adjust the VOLUME:    Use the Volume  Knob on the upper right on the

                                                         Crestron Pad.


Document Camera:   Select the Doc Camera button to view the document camera.