Andrews 101

1. Touch the Crestron touch panel to the right of the podium anywhere to begin at the Welcome Screen.


2. Next, press "Press Here for Audio/Video Controls" on the touch panel. This will bring up the passcode screen.

pass code

3. The Passcode Screen. Teaching Faculty contact Classroom Support at ext. 13011 to obtain the password. All other non-class related and special events contact Jeff Herrick to have the equipment turned "on" and "off". Contact Jeff via his online request form, then click on "University Events Audio Visual form-Jeff's Form" in the left hand colum. You must give at least two weeks notice prior to the event.

4. Insert the password and press enter. This will bring up the Control Screen below.


5. To turn the Projector on or off press the Projector Controls located in the top center of the touch Pad. You can also blank ( Mute )  the screen with the controls.


6. Press the Picture Icon for the equipment desired using the touch Panel.


7. Load any source materials (CD, DVD, VHS Tape ). The computer and VCR/DVD are located inside the cabinet to the right of the podium. The combo for the door is the same as the pass code. If you have a problem call Classroom Support at 221-3011.


8. Sound: On the upper right hand side of the touch panel you will find the volume controls for Speech and Program.


9. Computer: The computer should never be shut off. It is located in the middle of the cabinet on the right side of the podium.


10. Notebook Connection:   The desktop of the podium contains a power outlet, 15-pin connector and a DMI Cable (to project the Notebook video onto the screen) , mini-plug (for audio), and network cable. Plug the 15-pin connector into the Notebook (and the network cable and mini-plug if needed) and Power it up.


11. Document Camera:   Press the Document Camera Icon on the touch screen and it will bring up the following screen.


The Document Camera is located on the right side of the podium. Pull the Docoment Camera up by pulling  the round green ring up gently and raise the Document Camera head,  direct the head of the camera to the base (where the material to be projected will be). Turn the camera on with the power button on the top left of the cmarea base.    When finished, reposition the camera head, pull the round green ring towards you to put the Document Head back in it's original position.



12.  Microphone:  There are two microphones in the cabinet to your right. There you will find a Lapel mike and a hand held mike for the use in the audiences.


13. Touch the Lighting Icon, on the lower left hand side of the touch screen, 


14.  It will display the Lighting Control settings that can be set by touching the one you want.


When Finished:

1. Remove any source materials (CD, DVD, VHS tape, etc…).
2. Log out of the computer (Do NOT Shut It Down).
3. Press "Exit System on the touch panel to exit the system.

Exit System