Academic Technology

Academic Technology (AT) ensures that William & Mary is a place where academic excellence and innovative research are the norm.

For questions about your faculty computer, using classroom technology, or Blackboard basics, you can contact the appropriate person/group below.  


As overseer of the operations below, AT Manager John Drummond can help you determine the best possible point of contact for technical academic support.

  • John Drummond | 757-221-1597 | [[jgdrummond]]
Academic Technology Engineers 

AT's engineering team, a group of individuals with a wide-ranging set of skills, takes care of all the computing, hardware and software needs of William & Mary's faculty and academic department staff.

  • Jeff Cahoon | 757-221-2310 | [[jhcahoon]]
  • Joe Cunningham | 757-221-1715 | [[jrcunningham]]
  • Mark Eaton | 757-221-1127 | [[mxeato]]
  • Sean Pada | 757-221-6287 | [[sdpada]]
Classroom Support

Classroom Support is tasked with the challenge of ensuring reliable technology in over 100 classrooms on campus. When a problem arises in class, the response is so quick that many of us suspect the golf carts they drive are jet-fueled.  For support, call 757-221-3011.

Blackboard Support

Have questions about working with Blackboard?  Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) Applications Specialist can help. 

  • Kristy Walker | 757-221-1812 | [[bbhelp]]
WordPress & Web Programming Support

Need help with WordPress or another type of academic web project?

  • Jack Farraj | 757-221-2979 | [[jgfarr]]

If you have pedagogical questions relating to technology, visit the eLearning group website for contact information.