Share Your Screen with the Classroom

AirMedia allows anyone in the room to wirelessly share the screen of their notebook, phone, or tablet to the classroom projector system. It is a feature included in the recently upgraded touchscreen panels located on the classroom podiums. 

AirMedia could help a professor jump quickly between different devices during a lecture (like going between a presentation on a laptop and a demonstration on an iPad). Or a student could share his/her own laptop screen with the entire class from where they sit, without having to plug-in to wires from the classroom podium.

To use AirMedia:

  1. Select "AirMedia" on the touchscreen panel located on the classroom podium.
  2. Enter the IP Address from the screen in a browser address bar and download the client/app (Macs, too!)
  3. Launch the client/app and enter the code located on the upper right side of the projector screen in the classroom.

Whatever is on your desktop will show on the classroom's screen.

Contact W&M IT's Classroom Support (757-221-3011) if you would like a demo!