William & Mary

Nancy Pavelich

Most William & Mary students enter Banner through the undergraduate admission process. So needless to say, working with Banner is paramount for what we do. Banner is a great system but one that definitely has its own unique challenges and quirks. No one knows that better than those working for Information Technology (IT). This month's Toasted by Admission award winner, Nancy Pavelich, serves as the Banner security administrator for the campus and as the report distribution software manager. The admission dean staff is all too familiar with both programs. Nancy Pavolich

Pavelich has been working at W&M since 1990 when we merely had a Computer Center. Over the past two plus decades, she has made her way from Production Control to Information Technology. When Banner was implemented she became its security administrator.

Given the condensed time with which the admission team specifically is tasked with creating, updating and working with prospective student records, our office needs to be able to make the best use of Banner possible in a rather limited amount of time and Pavelich allows us to do just that.

Betsy Quinziowho nominated Pavelich for August's award told the entire admission staff, "Often we look to [Pavolich] to help us resolve any problem we are experiencing and [she] ALWAYS come through swiftly for us with patience, professionalism and courtesy. Among [her] many duties is helping us unravel the mystery of user classes, security profiles and permissions for Banner. When new staff throughout the college require access to admission data [she] answers our many questions and guides us through this process as if [she] has nothing else to do. We know we can always count on [her] prompt assistance and more importantly we can count her kindness and thoroughness."

Pavelich's work allows her to work with people from various roles and offices across campus. She jokes that she has gotten the opportunity, if nothing else, to memorize A LOT of WMuserids. Well, this week's Toasted by Admission celebration will give her the opportunity to know 12 more (and the faces behind them). And it will give us the opportunity to not only grant her honorary admission but also to know her userid as well.