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Maintenance & Outages

It is necessary to keep our IT systems well-maintained so that they function dependably and securely.  Every maintenance situation is different depending on what needs to be done and what systems are being affecting.  Maintenance might (or might not) cause an outage in service.

Outages come in two varieties - planned and unplanned.  A planned outage will be announced ahead of time and usually means some sort of maintenance is taking place.  Despite our best efforts to keep all our systems running continuously, there will sometimes be a system failure, which may result in an unplanned outage. 

Stay Informed with our System Status Feature

Stay informed with the latest system news through the System Status feature on our website.  Found in the upper-right corner of this web page and the IT home page, it will keep you current with the status of our major IT systems, including any downtimes for maintenance or any outages that we may experience. 


  • Quick Reference Point - You can quickly and easily see if an IT system is down.  Refresh the web page to see the latest updates.
  • More information - Click View Details at the bottom of the feature to learn more information about system availability. 
  • Schedule - Through the View Details link you can also view a schedule for future maintenance outages (not including the nightly back-ups). 
  • RSS feed - Use the RSS feed to have updates sent to your email inbox* or RSS reader.  You can also get notifications on your smart phone via an RSS app. 

*Use Outlook?  The RSS to email feature works great in the PC version of Outlook, but not so well on the Mac.

Although we will do our best to keep the status as accurate as possible, status updates may be delayed during non-business hours. 

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