Regularly Scheduled Back-Ups

System back-ups happen every night.  Back-ups insure that your data is safe and secure, but they also cause a disruption in service during the backing-up process.  The back-ups are done in the early morning hours when the system is least used.  But you may encounter a system undergoing a back-up if you are studying in the wee hours of the night or studying abroad in another time zone.

Here is a back-up schedule of our most-used systems.  Back-ups for these systems occur nightly, unless otherwise stated, and will usually last about an hour.

System Name Back-up Start Time (EST)
Advance Sunday 10:30pm - Monday 4:30am
Banner - Self Service & Admin 3:30am
Banner Reporting (ODS) 2:00am
Studio Abroad 3:30am
Swem Library Catalog 2:50am