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Google Workspace - New CAS Login


Google Workspace (formerly WMApps) the Google-powered student email platform, has moved to CAS Single Sign-On.

Full Description


Important Note: Google email (Gmail) and calendar are not included in the new accounts. As W&M faculty and staff already have email in Microsoft Office 365, the newly-created Google Workspace apps are linked to the accounts instead.  Existing Gmail-enabled accounts will not change at this time. 

Yes!  One less password to remember!

On May 21st, 2019, Google Workspace (previously known as WMApps) was incorporated into the W&M Central Authentication System (CAS). This change allows you to access Google Workspace (student email + Google tools) with the same W&M account credentials used to access most other W&M systems, instead of maintaining separate login credentials for Google Workspace.

Active W&M Account

In order to access Google Workspace through CAS (like when you are signing in on a computer), you must have an active W&M Account. Your password for your W&M Username must be updated annually to maintain an active account and access to Google Workspace.

  • For those with active W&M Accounts (like current W&M faculty, staff, and students), no action is needed.  Just know that you now use your W&M Username and password (the same one used to access Banner) for Google Workspace email, too. 
  • For those with inactive W&M Accounts (like many alumni who have been away from the university for an extended amount of time), you can continue using Google Workspace on existing email clients - like on your cell phone. However, you now need to reactivate your W&M Username account to do the following:
    • access Google Workspace on the web
    • integrate Google Workspace email on a new phone
    • reintegrate Google Workspace email on your existing phone  
    • add Google apps to your device using your Google Workspace account.  (Please see our announcement about Google App changes)

Cell Phone Email Clients

You probably haven't noticed any changes if you receive your Google Workspace email on your cell phone.  The email client works as normal.  However, if/when you get a new cell phone, or if you ever have to re-install the email client on your current phone, you will need to have an active W&M Username to complete the process. 


Yearly Password Update

W&M Usernames require an annual update to maintain an active status.  You can update your password on our W&M Change Password site. It can also be accessed from the button on the IT Homepage. You will receive email reminders in your Google Workspace email account as your password change date comes due.


Two-Factor Authentication

Moving to CAS authentication, unfortunately, removed Google's Two-Step Verification.  However, W&M's Duo Two-Factor Authentication is available for Google Workspace.  

Duo Enrollment Instructions

Duo will start being required for Google Workspace beginning in the Fall 2019 semester.  We encourage you to enroll in Duo now to be ready when it starts.  Even after enrolling, you will not start using Duo until it becomes required for Google Workspace (Fall 2019). 

If you would like to start using Duo now, you can Opt-In to do so at:


Changes to Google Apps Offerings

Recent changes in the Google for Education licensing agreement re-categorized some Google Apps so they now fall outside of the Google for Education protections.  As a result, certain affected apps within Google Workspace will be retired.  Please see details on our Google App Changes announcement.

Exporting Your Data

Google Takeout is a tool to help you export your data from Google Workspace, if you wish to do so.  Instructions for exporting your data.

Apps & Clients

After the transition to CAS authentication, you may (or may not) need to update your account credentials to your W&M Username and password.  Here are some likely scenarios:

  • Google Mobile Apps - At the time of the transition, Google may prompt you once to update your Google Workspace account credentials.  This should automatically update the password in all related apps on the same device.
  • Native Mobile Mail Client - If you receive Google Workspace email in your phone's native mail client, you may need to update your password within the mail client.  However, you probably won't have to do this until you change phones.  
  • Desktop Client - If you have have integrated your Google Workspace email to work with other desktop clients, like Outlook, you may have to update your account credentials within the client.  

Should you encounter any problems, here are some things you can try:

  • Phone mail client doesn't receive or send mail - Go to the Accounts section of your phone and update the account credentials to your W&M Username and your password.
  • My email is not updating - Close out your mail application and open it again.  Sometimes it takes multiple tries. 
  • Still not updating...  If that doesn't work, delete the email account and reinstall it.  When prompted for account credentials, use your W&M Username and password.  We recommend that you do this while using Wi-Fi to avoid cellular data charges.  
  • Use the Google Apps -  If you have any trouble with your phone's native mail client, or a desktop client, you can always use the Google applications instead (like the Gmail app for email). 

Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm