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Wireless Network - Upgrades & Changes


William & Mary's wireless service has upgraded to eduroam! Eduroam allows you to connect to the secure wireless network at W&M and thousands of educational institutions around the world. W&M's older wireless networks will soon be retired.

Full Description

eduroam logoConnect to eduroam

William & Mary is now part of eduroam! The eduroam (education roaming) wireless network provides secure Internet service for the academic community - not only at your home institution, but also when you travel to other participating eduroam institutions!  

Learn more about W&M's eduroam network

Once you connect your laptop/device to eduroam, when you travel to other eduroam institutions, your laptop/device will connect automatically - just as it does when you go from building to building on the W&M campus.  Eduroam is available in thousands of colleges and universities across 90 countries and territories worldwide

And when visitors from other eduroam institutions come to William & Mary, their devices connect automatically to W&M's eduroam network.  

W-M_Wireless network (Guest access)

The W-M_Wireless network, which provides unsecured, open wireless Internet access will continue to be available to guests of the university, however, the name will be changing to WM-Welcome

Guests and visitors (those who do not have access to eduroam from their home institution) will be able to use the WM-Welcome network for 24 hours, or longer with a W&M sponsor. Learn more about Guest Wireless Network Access.

W-M_Wireless_Encrypted Retirement

As both eduroam and the W-M_Wireless_Encrypted networks provide access to the same secure wireless service, the latter will be phased-out during the Fall 2019 semester based on the following criteria:

  • Freshman residence halls will start the Fall 2019 semester with eduroam only.  The W-M_Wireless_Encrypted network will NOT be available in Botetourt, Brown, Green & Gold Village, Hunt, Lemon, Monroe, Reves, Taliaferro, nor Yates.
  • Upperclass residence halls will start the Fall 2019 semester with both eduroam and the W-M_Wireless_Encrypted network.  However, the W-M_Wireless_Encrypted network will be retired building-by-building throughout the Fall semester.  Details will be communicated directly to residents.  
  • Academic & administrative buildings will be will have both eduroam and the W-M_Wireless_Encrypted networks throughout the Fall 2019 semester.  However, the W-M_Wireless_Encrypted network will be retired from all buildings during the 2019-2020 Winter Holiday break, likely on Wednesday January 8, 2020.  

Those at VIMS should connect using their VIMS credentials and should have connected to the VIMS Eduroam network BEFORE travelling off the VIMS campus to other sites, including W&M.  There is no longer the need for VIMS faculty/staff/students to register devices at W&M for WiFi.

Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)

757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm