William & Mary

Expanded Access to VDI


Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is now open to all W&M faculty and staff and is now accessible via the web.

Full Description

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to login to a virtual desktop with a standard W&M computer image.  It's similar to logging in to a lab computer or classroom podium computer.  VDI provides secure access to College services, software, programs, and shared drives from anywhere with Internet access.  It is also Mac-friendly and works on tablets and other portable devices. 

All W&M Faculty & Staff Have Access

Initially only released to users of Banner Admin, we are happy to announce that VDI is now available to all W&M faculty and staff.   As the service expands to include more users, we have also added more "desktops".  Previously there were 30 desktops (meaning 30 people could use VDI at one time).  That number has been increased to 50.

New Web-Based Version of VDI

More good news - VDI can now also be accessed via the web.  Previously, the only way to access VDI was through a desktop client.  You may still wish to download the client as the web version has limitations, including: slower performance than the client version and the inability to use thumb drives.  However, if these things are not a concern, you may find the web version to be a more convenient option.

To access VDI, go to https://vdesktop.wm.edu/.  You will be presented with the two options: to Install the View Client or HTML Access.  Choose HTML Access for the web-based version of VDI.

More details and information about VDI

You may now choose to access VDI through the web by clicking on the HTML Access option.