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Project & Programming Requests


Now online! Requests for projects and programs are now made through Request IT.

Full Description

Looking to start a project with an IT component?   Need a report from Banner?  How about a modification to an IT program?  Get the process started by submitting a Project & Programming Request via Request IT.

Project & Programming Requests may include:

  • Modification to an application that was written by IT
  • Help with upgrading or enhancing existing technology systems
  • New reports or changes to existing IT provided reports
  • Data from an IT owned system (such as reports from Banner)
  • Assistance from IT as you explore the technical aspects of an upcoming project
  • Changes you'd like to make to a business process that may involve technology
  • IT advisement prior to purchasing any technology resources that require integration with existing systems

More information about Project & Programming Requests

Please note that the Project & Programming Request form is meant to initiate a project or modify an existing project.  It is not intended for support requests or technical help on projects. 

For assistance and support, contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at [[support]], (757) 221-4357 (HELP).