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A new myWM is here!


The new myWM makes finding services easier and helps keep you current with the latest campus happenings.

Full Description
A dashboard of links keeps the campus at your fingertips.

The all new myWM is now in place.  As the contract with our old system, Luminis, expired, Information Technology and Creative Services worked hard to find a fitting alternative.  We consulted with several departments on campus, looked at analytical data, and conducted a campus-wide survey to assess the needs of the College.  Although we will miss the old myWM, we think its successor is easier to use, more efficient, and better suited to the needs of the W&M community.

What are you doing for lunch?  Why not Yoga?

So what's different?

The new myWM makes finding services easier and offers features that keep you current with the latest campus happenings.  The most popular services - Banner, Blackboard, Email, WMApps - are featured prominently and accompanied by links to your most used web services.  Additional services will be easily accessible through subsequent pages of convenient links, known as the Current Student and Faculty & Staff gateway pages.

You will no longer login to myWM itself.  However, due to contract requirements and privacy concerns, some services will still require a login.  All-in-all, the number of times that you have to enter your WMuserid and password should be greatly reduced.


Get the latest W&M tweets with the new aggregated Twitter feed.

New Features
  • a responsive design makes myWM easy to view on your iPad or smart phone
  • a gallery of campus photography
  • up-to-the-minute W&M News stories
  • a stream of campus event listings
  • an aggregated feed from W&M's Official and Official-ish Twitter accounts


For questions contact Creative Services [[creative]].

Not seeing myWM or seeing the old myWM?
It could be your computer's or web browser's cache that is causing a redirect to the old site.  Clear your cache and try again. (Firefox:  Go to Tools > Clear Recent History.  Select Everything in the Time Range drop-down menu.  Uncheck everything but cache.  Click Clear Now.  Open a new window and try again.)