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New ID System - NOW LIVE!


Warm-up your W&M Express. It's time for action!

Full Description
You can start using your W&M Express again!

The new W&M ID transaction system, CS Gold, is live!  That means you can now use your W&M Express for on-campus vending, laundry, copiers, and cash register stations that have the new readers - as long as they have network service. (We are still working on that!)

Machines that are still on the old system or do not yet have network service will only accept cash, not W&M Express.  Off-campus use of W&M Express will not be available until July 1.  Thanks for your patience during this transition period.

TribeCard Center & GET Funds (Online Services)

There are some perks to getting a new ID System.  Check-out these new mobile-friendly system we have:

  • tribecard.wm.edu lets you check your W&M Express balance, transaction history, view status of laundry machines, or report your card lost/stolen.
  • GET Funds is where you - or your parents - can deposit funds on your W&M Express account.

What's Next

July 1 - W&M Express can be used with off-campus vendors

In the coming month - There is still a lot of "cleaning-up" to do to get ALL vending machines on the new system.  Even vending machines that have the new readers, may not yet have network service.  Use our Find a Machine page for a current list of vending machines that accept W&M Express.

Until the end of September - The door access conversions are ongoing, building-by-building.  We expect the door access conversions to continue until the end of September.  Find the current list of converted buildings here.

Need Help?

The ID Project team is still working-out the kinks of our support system, but the most current information can be found on the ID Support page.