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Classroom Modifications for Blended Learning - Fall 2020


Classrooms will be equipped with new equipment to support blended learning and the layout of each room will be reworked to promote health and safety.

Full Description
Classroom Readiness Status

W&M IT has been busy all summer preparing classrooms for a safe and connected return to campus, in coordination with the University Registrar, Facilities Management, and Public Safety. To support technology enhanced blended learning, many of our classrooms are being upgraded to include an annotatable monitor with pen, webcam with microphone on a tripod, and document camera (see below for details).

Although classroom equipment was ordered in late spring / early summer, some has not yet arrived (we remain at the mercy of the global supply chain).  The classrooms designated for use prior to Labor Day were completed as the priority. As soon as equipment arrives on campus it will be installed in the remaining classrooms as quickly as possible. 

Current Individual Classroom Equipment Status

To accommodate blended learning in W&M classrooms, additional technologies are being installed in classrooms during the Summer to be ready for classes in Fall 2020. The intent of these additional technologies is to provide the tools for capturing and/or delivering instruction for remote students. 

How-To Procedures

The following common procedures in a blended classroom environment can be accomplished with the available equipment following the procedures described below:

Recording your classroom (Not a live broadcast)

Streaming and Recording your Classroom Session Live

Classroom AV Equipment

  • Overview of Classroom AV Equipment (video) - This video shows how to use the various services offered through the Crestron control panels in W&M classrooms.
  • Classroom Technology Tour (video) - This virtual tour by eLearning Specialist Mike Blum shows how to use the classroom technology equipment for blended learning.
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Teaching Methods and Strategies                  
Equipment & Software

In addition to the typical equipment in classrooms (podium, projector, screen, touch-screen control panel) the following additional technologies will be installed and made available:

  • Wacom – a computer monitor with the ability to annotate directly on the screen via a pen/stylus.
    • It is recommended to use the Wacom rather than the whiteboard so hand-written notes are captured for remote viewing.
  • Document camera (Hover Cam or Wolf Vision)– a camera with a flexible neck for displaying paper documents and other physical objects.
    • Can be used as an application on the computer (software name) or as a separate input controlled from the touch-screen control panel.
    • If capturing or delivering content remotely, you must use the (software name) application on the computer rather than the separate input.
  • Webcam on Tripod – a camera and microphone combo used for capturing or delivering instruction audio/video.
    • The microphones on these webcams do an excellent job picking up audio from all directions. 
    • W&M IT testing of these webcams showed student voices (while wearing masks) were clearly picked up from the back of the room.
    • Place the tripod in the location most appropriate for what you want to capture in class.
  • Zoom – W&M licensed software to deliver remote instruction.
  • Panopto – W&M licensed software to record classroom lecture.

* Notes about Microphones:

  • For larger classrooms, a microphone at the podium may be available.  In these rooms, the speakers for instructor voice amplification are installed in the ceiling over the students.
  • In smaller classrooms, there may not be a microphone at the podium.
  • Portable voice amplification systems may cause looping/echoing sounds with other voice capture/delivery tools and is not recommended.
Classroom Layout

As part of the densification effort for Fall 2020, classroom maximum capacities have been reduced to provide at least 6 feet of space between students. Facilities Management will be moving student seating to accommodate this spacing as well as providing seating in newly created classroom spaces.

Traditional classroom layout Modified classroom layout where every-other desk is not occupied.

Blended Learning Technology – Classroom Logic Model

The following illustration shows a logic model of the AV equipment in most classrooms to support blended learning:

Classroom technology layout to support blended learning.


Cleaning Classroom Equipment

William & Mary will provide disposable, dry cleaning wipes and a spray bottle containing a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol specifically for IT equipment.

DO NOT spray the equipment directly!  Please spray the wipe and wipe down all equipment including the keyboard, mouse, stylus, AV control panel, and microphone head before and after use.

When needed, contact Work Control (757-221-2270) to have the cleaning supplies restocked.

Guidelines for Cleaning Electronic Products (.pdf)

Podium Procedures
  • Cleaning procedures
  • DO NOT unplug any equipment for connecting to personal laptops! Unplugging any classroom equipment can render the classroom as unusable. Please do not unplug any equipment. 
Questions & Comments

Need Assistance? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm