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Duo is Coming to Fac/Staff Email (Office 365)


Microsoft Office 365, which includes the faculty and staff email system, will require Duo two-factor authentication beginning Tuesday, April 16.

Full Description

No matter where you are, email is a big vulnerability when it comes to security - and often a difficult one to protect.  W&M IT has powerful systems monitoring and protecting the W&M email system, however, there are always new, more sophisticated, email threats lurking about.  Just check-out these numbers:

75,000 malicious login attempts per day

...brute force attempts to login or hackers reusing a password that was compromised from a different system.

160,000 phishing email messages per month

...caught by security blocks in the W&M mail system.  Security protections are in a constant arms race with increasingly sophisticated phishing methods.  Occasionally, a phish gets to your Inbox.



Duo is William & Mary's two-factor authentication service. Two-factor authentication provides an additional level of security to help protect against increasingly sophisticated security threats.  It uses your W&M credentials plus a secondary authentication method (like a cell phone or office phone) to confirm your identity.  Duo has proven to be a powerful tool in protecting against email phishing attacks.

Microsoft Office 365, which includes the Fac/Staff email system and a variety of web apps, will start employing Duo on Tuesday, April 16

Duo will be most noticeable when using webmail (, or Office 365 on the web (  Already installed mail clients will continue to work as normal, without interruption from Duo.  However, new installations will require a Duo authentication during the set-up process.   

What's the next step?

First, you must enroll in Duo.  If you use a system that already requires Duo, you are already enrolled and no further action is needed.  Those systems include: Box, Blackboard, Banner 9, Salesforce, VPN and VDI.

If you are not already enrolled in Duo, enroll now at  Detailed enrollment instructions can be found on W&M IT's Duo website.

Enroll in Duo

Need enrollment help?

Enrollment instructions are on W&M IT's Duo websiteStop by the Technology Support Center in Jones Hall, Room 201 for in-person help enrolling in Duo. Or visit our Duo FAQ page for additional assistance.


How often will I have to use Duo?

Essentially, anytime you encounter the CAS login screen, you will also be required to use Duo.

  • Email clients (like integrations on a desktop/laptop/phone) only require Duo during the client installation process.
  • Phone apps (like downloaded apps for Outlook, OneDrive, or Teams) will only require Duo during the app installation process.
  • Office 365 on the web ( will require a Duo login. 
  • Webmail ( will require a Duo login.

To help minimize the number of times you need to authenticate with Duo, you can opt to have Duo remember your device for 14 days by checking the Remember Me... box (when using the same device and same browser).  More information about this feature is available on our Duo FAQ page.


What about email clients and O365 apps?

Email clients (like the one you probably have on your desktop) and O365 apps (like the Teams or OneDrive phone apps) will continue to work as normal.  However, when you first install a client or an app, you will have to authenticate via Duo to complete the installation process.


What about students?

W&M students will be required to start using Duo to access Office 365 beginning Fall 2019. 


What about emeritus faculty?

Emeritus faculty will not be impacted by Duo at this time. 


What about VIMS faculty and staff?

VIMS faculty and staff will need to use Duo when signing into an O365 service with William & Mary credentials (instead of VIMS credentials.)  This includes:


Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm