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Duo For W&M Students

Full Description

Duo - Two Factor AuthenticationDuo is William & Mary's two-factor authentication service. Two-factor authentication provides an additional level of security to help protect against increasingly sophisticated security threats.  It uses your W&M credentials plus a secondary authentication method (like a cell phone) to confirm your identity.

Starting October 1, 2019, all students will be REQUIRED to use Duo to access various W&M systems, including Blackboard and Banner.  We recommend early enrollment to avoid confusion or a disruption of services when October comes around.

Enrolling in Duo
Beat the rush by enrolling now.

To enroll in Duo, go to  Enrolling doesn't mean you will start using Duo now - it just means that you are "in the system" and ready for the requirement to go into effect.  You won't have to use Duo until it becomes required - which will be October 1, 2019.

Enroll in Duo

Start by checking out Duo's Enrollment Instructions.  Or you can use these W&M specific instructions:

More information can be found on W&M IT's Duo website.

Enrollment from a Mobile Device
You can also enroll in Duo on your mobile device!  In the browser of your mobile device, go to (the W&M Duo Management Site).  You will need to download the Duo Mobile App (iOS or Android) before or during the enrollment process.

{{youtube:medium:center|EMj89Ulpx6c, Check out this Duo enrollment video!}}

Need Enrollment Help?

Stop by the Technology Support Center for in-person Duo enrollment help (Jones Hall, Room 201, Mon.-Fri., 8am-5pm). Or visit our Duo FAQ page for additional assistance.

There Will be Prizes!

Enroll now for your chance to win! To encourage early enrollment, starting in August, you could win a prize for being enrolled in Duo!  We will pick students at random from the pool of those that have already enrolled. So far, the prizes include: 

Prizes for early enrollment in Duo are pictured above.  They include W&M apparel, cups, a tote bag, USB charging cord, a decal, and drink coupons.

  • Sustainability Mugs with Free Cosi Drink Coupons (Courtesy of W&M Dining Services)
  • A W&M Sweater (Courtesy of W&M Auxiliary Services)
  • A Griffin Decal (Courtesy of W&M Auxiliary Services)
  • W&M USB/Lightening Cable (Courtesy of W&M Auxiliary Services)
  • A Tribe Tervis Tumbler (Courtesy of W&M Auxiliary Services)

Optional: Opt In to Duo
You can start using Duo now, if you like... (your call!)

Do you want to start using Duo now? Don't want to wait until the Fall?  Start using Duo now by Opting In.  After enrolling in Duo, to opt in, go to

OpT In To Duo

Making Changes

If you need to add a new device or change your Duo settings use the W&M Duo Management site.

Any Questions?

If you've got questions about Duo, check out the Duo FAQ page, but if you're worried about circumstances unique to students, you might find the answer below:

I'm a recent graduate. Do I need Duo?

If you continue using your Google Workspace email account or web apps, you'll likely need to register for Duo at some point in the future.  Those times will be when you: 

  • access Goggle Workspace via webmail.
  • install Google Workspace Apps on a new cell phone.
  • re-integrate Google Workspace email on your existing phone.
  • download Google web apps on your phone using your Google Workspace account. 
What happens if I lose my phone?

It's okay!  We have you covered.

  • For the short term:  Contact the Technology Support Center.  After answering a couple questions to verify your identity, we can provide you with a bypass code that must be used within 1 hour. 
    Hint: Checking the Remember Me... option will extend your Duo verification to 14 days, when using the same computer and browser.
  • For the long term: You will likely need to get a new cell phone.  Find instructions for transferring your Duo account to a new phone on our Duo FAQ page.
I don't have a smartphone.

It's okay!  There are other options.

  • If you have a basic mobile phone that only does text messaging (SMS) you can have a series of codes sent via text (SMS) message to your mobile phone.
  • Hardware tokens (key fobs) are available, if necessary, from the Technology Support Center.

More questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm