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Connecting from Off-Campus - Key change


A warning message may appear when you use SFTP to connect to the network from off-campus.

Full Description

On Wednesday, September 4, we will be upgrading our off-campus network connections sftp.wm.edu and webftp.wm.edu.  This will address some issues we've experienced with the clients and provide failover service in case of outages.  However, with the upgrade, the host keys for sftp.wm.edu and webftp.wm.edu will change.

If you have previously connected to the W&M network from off-campus using sftp (Secure File Transfer Protocol), you will encounter a warning message the next time you try to connect.  Please continue reading.

If you have never previously connected to the network from off-campus through sftp, you will not receive this warning.  No further action is needed.

What To Do

When you encounter the warning:

  • Click Yes or Connect to accept the new key.

That is all!  You should be able to connect as usual after accepting the new key.


The warning messages are different for each sftp client, but may look like any of the following:

Please note that this is not an inclusive list

Example of warning for sftp key change

Example of warning for sftp key change

Example of warning for sftp key change

New Keys


DSA key fingerprint is ed:83:f2:df:9f:92:ec:65:8f:37:19:67:19:9a:c8:0c.

RSA key fingerprint is a0:99:27:2d:23:d7:de:64:f1:f6:8e:ee:b7:eb:a8:4e


DSA key fingerprint is 23:6d:a6:78:50:69:fa:13:3e:58:ea:68:37:b6:cd:8c

RSA key fingerprint is 6e:ae:64:89:c3:46:31:0c:1c:13:4f:65:12:cd:e5:44


If you have questions or problems connecting from off-campus, contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at [[support]], 757-221-4357 (HELP) during regular business hours.