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Communicator Changes


Big changes are coming to the phone system's Communicator. Get the details here!

Full Description

Communicator, the companion software for the ShoreTel campus phone system, has the following changes:

Windows Communicator - Upgrade

A new Windows version of the campus phone system's Communicator is available. Upgrade now to the latest version.

To start the upgrade:

  1. Open Communicator.
  2. If prompted to update, follow the prompts (skip to step 4).  Otherwise, select Help.
  3. Select Update. If you are already up-to-date, the update option will be grayed out.
  4. Then follow the prompts.
  5. Once complete, Restart your computer.

Windows Communicator - Remove Outlook Integration

With the upgrade, Outlook Integration was likely automatically installed on your system.  This has been problematic in the past.  To uninstall Outlook Integration or to make sure it was not installed:

  1. Open Communicator.
  2. Choose Tools and Options.
  3. Choose Outlook.
  4. Uncheck Upload Personal Contacts (if checked).
  5. Check Uninstall under Voice Mail (if installed).
  6. Check Uninstall under Calendar (if installed).
  7. Select OK.
  8. Restart ShoreTel Communicator.

Mac Communicator

A desktop client for Mac computers is now available!  This means that users of Mac Computers no longer need to go online for Communicator services but can use the desktop client instead.

Instructions for Installing ShoreTel Communicator for Mac

Web Communicator

Beginning Tues. May 28, 2013, the online version of Communicator (Web Communicator) will no longer be available.  This is due to technical issues precipitating from the last phone system upgrade.  

As there are now clients for both Windows and Macs most computers will have a client-based Communicator service and no longer need the web-based version.  In addition, many services offered through Communicator, are also available through the phone set.  Phone-based instructions available here.

Questions and Support

All versions of Communicator (even the retiring Web Communicator) only work when computers on the campus network.  If you need a Communicator-related service while off-campus, you can request it by contacting the Technology Support Center.

For questions or concerns about these changes, contact the Technology Support Center at 757-221-4357 (HELP), [[support]].