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Microsoft Authentication (Azure AD)

Full Description

W&M will soon be using Microsoft's Azure AD authentication to log in to Microsoft services. You will be using the new authentication process when logging in to services such as Outlook email and  CAS will still be used for logging in to other services.

This new authentication method is a necessary first step in a multi-step process that will consolidate IT security services in the Microsoft O365 security cloud. Over the course of 2021, you may notice additional security-related changes (Windows Defender and InTune), but these future changes will mostly take place behind the scenes and we don't anticipate them causing interruptions.  

Migration Timeline

To be able to provide the best possible support during this change, the campus community will be migrated to the new authentication process in phases (instead of all at once). 

  • Faculty and staff have already been migrated
  • Students will be migrated in batches starting on June 22, 2021 and batches will run throughout the summer.  
  • Migration dates for departmental accounts are TBD
What to Expect After the Move

There a few extra steps you may have to take immediately following the switch. 

  • Use your W&M Username plus "" along with your standard password to log in to MicrosoftInput your Email Address to Log In - The first time you log in to a Microsoft application using Azure, you will be asked to put in your W&M email address, instead of your W&M Username. 

    Use the email address in this format: "W&M Username +" (example: 

    The Duo screen for Azure should look familiarImportant!  Even those that have differing email address endings (like students), will still use the "W&M Username +" scheme when your email address is requested at login.  
  • Double Authentication - The first time you log in to Microsoft services after the switch, you might have to do so twice.  However, in our experience, this only happens after the first time you open an application. Subsequent logins only require a single authentication.
  • The Duo push comes from "Microsoft Azure Active Directory"Double Duo - The first time you log in to Microsoft service after the switch, you might encounter a request to confirm your identity using Duo twice.  Often the second request comes later - could be hours later. However, in our experience, this only happens after the first time you open an application. Subsequent logins only require a single Duo confirmation.
  • Mobile Devices - You will also be asked to re-enter your password and confirm your identity via Duo with Microsoft applications on your phone. This includes the integrated email client, if you use it for your W&M email. Just follow the prompts on your phone to complete the process. 

Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm