Get Connected

Connect to the W&M Network & Internet

Whether you go wired or wireless, you'll want to be connected.  So once you get on campus...

Authenticate your Computer and Devices

All of your devices (computers, laptops, phones, etc) will need to be authenticated to the network to access the Internet and campus resources.  It's a very easy process, just open a browser and you'll be prompted to authenticate by putting in your WMuserid and password.  You will have to do this for every new device you bring to campus, and then once annually thereafter.

Access the Wireless Network

The Wireless Network is accessible in and around all academic buildings and residence halls, as well as many "greenspaces" such as the Sunken Garden, Yates Field, and Barksdale Field. There are two networks to which you may connect:

  • W-M_Wireless - The traditional network, supported by all wireless computers.
  • W-M_Wireless_Encrypted - This network uses the latest encryption standards to protect your online activity.

Quick tip!  Use an Ethernet cable to increase your network speed. The wired network is faster than the wireless network - especially in high-traffic areas, like residence halls or the library. 

Access Personal Network Storage Space (H: Drive)

The H: drive is personal network space available to all students. In public labs and offices this is automatically mapped as the H: drive, but it can also be accessed on campus from your own computer by mapping to the H: drive.  Off-campus access is available using a secure FTP client with the host name

Use Web Services

There are also several web-based services for you to take advantage of, like Blogs, Wikis and Personal Websites.