Your Account

Your online identity at William & Mary is a unique WMuserid and a secure password.  You should have received your WMuserid as part of your acceptance packet from Admissions.  So before you do anything else, go ahead and set up your account password.

Activate Your Account

Activate your WMuserid by establishing a password.

  1. Go to the Activate Your WMuserid web page to start the process.   
  2. Read and accept the terms in the Acceptable Use Policy for Students
  3. Enter your Student ID Number sent by Admission (starts with a 930...) and the email address you used during the application process.
  4. If this information matches, an email (aka - a "token") will be sent to the address you provided.  The token will contain a link for you to follow.  
  5. Open your email and click on the link.
  6. Enter the WMuserid provided by the emailed token.  You will now be able to create your WMuserid password. 
  7. Go through all 3 steps and then click the Change Password Now button in Step 3.  Your password is not established UNTIL you click this button.

Note:  You will only have 24 hours to use the token.  If necessary, you may request another token be sent to you by going through this process again.

Keep it Safe

Your password is an all access key to your personal information and network resources, so you should treat it as such. If your password is compromised (shared with or guessable by others), confidential information--like your grades or email--may be up for grabs. As such, we at IT have some recommendations for creating and securing passwords.

You can change your password here at any time.

Set-up a Password Recovery Email Address

A recovery email address allows you to reset your password on your own - just in case!  Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Go to or use the Change Your WMuserid Password link on the W&M IT homepage.
  2. Select Self-Service Password Recovery
  3. Follow the prompts to provide a recovery email address
  4. Confirm the email address (Use the link in the activation email sent to the recovery email address you selected)