W&M Exchange - Fac/Staff


Note:  W&M faculty and staff mailboxes are moving to Microsoft Office 365.  The move will be complete by the end of the 2017 calendar year, and this website will be updated at that time.  Please see our Office 365 project page for information related to the new mail system. Access email on Office 365 at webmail.wm.edu.


Whether you want to connect with members of the William & Mary community online or schedule a meeting in the "real world," you do it with Microsoft Exchange.

Exchange is an integrated email, calendar, contacts and task management system. Exchange is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, and it's also accessible through Outlook Web Apps (OWA), a web based platform.


Once you've set up you W&M account and password, access to Exchange email/calendar is automatic. All you need to do is complete a few simple steps.

If you're a PC...

You can access Exchange with Outlook 2013/2016 and Outlook Web Apps.

If you're a Mac...

You can access Exchange with Outlook 2011, 2016, Mac Mail/iCal, and Outlook Web Apps.

If you're using a mobile device...

We recommend devices with Active Sync, like Androids, iPhones, and BlackBerrys.

Forward your Voicemail messages to your email Inbox