Permission Delays

Trouble accessing, viewing, or sharing a calendar?

Outlook Calendar 2011 (for Macs) operates in cached mode.  This means that it does not update immediately, but rather periodically.  There will often be a delay in recognizing newly-granted Permissions and therefore your ability to access, view, and share calendars. 

Here are some tricks to expedite the update process:

Option 1: Manual Refresh
There are a couple ways to manually refresh calendar:  

  • Click on a different week or month on the Calendar Widget in the upper left corner.  This forces Calendar to access the server.
  • Go to Meeting > Scheduling Assistant and click the Refresh button (two blue arrows in the shape of a circle)
  • Close Outlook and then reopen.

Option 2: Empty Cache

  1. In the left column, right-click on Calendar (or choose the calendar you wish to update)
  2. Click on Folder Properties...
  3. Under the General Tab, click Empty.
  4. Wait several minutes for the the cache to empty.  The Calendar will go blank at the beginning of the process.  This is normal.

Option 3: Wait
Waiting about 5 minutes will usually be enough time for the server to refresh.

Option 4: Use OWA
Any computer, including Macs, can access OWA (Outlook Web App).  OWA is a robust web-based system that allows you to do everything in Outlook that the desktop version does.  If your permission status is taking a long time to update, use OWA to complete the task at hand.  Then check your desktop version of Outlook later.  

Instructions for using OWA

If you are frustrated with the limitations of Outlook 2011, try using OWA as your primary tool for email and Calendar.

Still not working?  Contact the Technology Support Center - 757-221-HELP, [[support]]