Common Data Set

The common data set began as a way for colleges and universities to share a concise, if extensive, set of information with guidebook publishers, higher education writers, and the interested public. It has been developed through cooperation among several major national publications and higher education organizations. Providing a basis for surveys of college and universities, the CDS is used in many publications and rankings, including Peterson's Guide, publications from The College Board, and the U. S. News and World Report "America's Best Colleges" guide.

Please contact the Office of Institutional Research (757-221-2961 or 221-2147) for clarification of any Common Data Set item.

Current Year CDS Sections
Full Common Data Sets

A: General Info (.pdf)
B: Enrollment & Persistence (.pdf)
C: First-time First-Year Admissions (.pdf)
D: Transfer Admission (.pdf)
E: Academic Offerings & Policies (.pdf)
F: Student Life (.pdf)
G: Annual Expenses (.pdf)
H: Financial Aid (.pdf)
I: Instructional Faculty & Class Size (.pdf)
J: Degrees Conferred (.pdf)
CDS Definitions (.pdf)
CDS Changes - Current Year (.pdf)

2019-20 CDS (xls)

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