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Building on William & Mary’s strengths as a thought leader and research institution, the IIC has an unparalleled opportunity to bring together leading conservation organizations with academic expertise to inform the future of conservation. Discover how you can participate in leading-edge research, share your related expertise, or attend an upcoming event. 


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Courses in Integrative Conservation

The IIC is in the process of designing a new undergraduate major in Integrative Conservation. As a step in that direction, we would be delighted to work with students to construct a self-designed major through the Charles Center that fits the intent of the IIC. The IIC encourages students to take CONS 201 Introduction to Integrative Conservation course, the CONS 420 Conservation GIS course, and a CONS 490 Conservation Practicum. 

 Integrative Conservation Courses

Conservation Research Program

The Charles Center and the Institute for Integrative Conservation are pleased to offer an integrative conservation research program for W&M undergraduate students. Students engaged in this program will work alongside conservation partners and faculty mentors to complete applied, interdisciplinary research projects needed to advance real-world conservation action and policy. Given the complexity of conservation challenges, this suite of interdisciplinary projects leverages expertise across disciplines to advance global conservation solutions and to build the capacity of the next generation of conservation leaders. This conservation research program provides students with an opportunity to build and refine their research and professional skills, gain first-hand experience in conservation careers, and work with an interdisciplinary team to directly advance global conservation. 

Conservation Research Program

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Faculty & Staff

The IIC will engage a diverse mix of faculty and staff to lead research teams, disseminate new findings and establish an innovative educational model and cross-disciplinary curriculum for training new professionals in integrative conservation. A dynamic IIC Steering Committee with members from all five W&M schools provides guidance and support to navigate innovative and emerging opportunities. 


The IIC hosts series of workshops, guest speakers, and other events as part of our efforts to build collaborations and create a robust and dynamic conservation network. We are particularly keen to connect with the conservation community to expand research and internship opportunities for students. An Advisory Board comprised of external conservation partners will also help guide the IIC’s vision and work. We are looking for alumni and external partners with expertise relevant to conservation who are interested in mentoring W&M undergraduate students. This may include participating in events, joining class discussions, or serving as a judge on a conservation competition.

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Conservation Stories Podcast

The IIC just released a new Conservation Stories podcast. The Conservation Stories podcast expands the traditional understanding of conservation through storytelling that amplifies multiple ways of knowing.


IIC listserv

The need to find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing conservation issues has never been more critical. Building a more sustainable future will require all of us to work together. Please sign up for the IIC Listserv or send us an email at [[iic]] to learn about how you can get involved today.