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Conservation Research Program

W&M students work alongside conservation partners to conduct innovative research that advances conservation solutions

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The IIC's Conservation Research Program brings together experts from conservation organizations, an interdisciplinary team of W&M faculty, and exceptional undergraduate students to conduct innovative research needed to advance the conservation of biodiversity and its inextricable benefits to human well-being. This year-long program contributes to the IIC’s mission to cultivate an inclusive community of creative leaders to deliver integrative—the blending of expertise from across disciplines, areas of practice, and knowledge systems—solutions to the world’s most pressing conservation challenges. The objectives of this program are to (1) support conservation partners with applied, interdisciplinary research needed to advance conservation outcomes and (2) build the capacity of the next generation of innovative and compassionate conservation leaders. 

Through direct mentorship and interaction with conservation partners, students will build and refine their research and professional skills, gain first-hand experience in conservation careers, and work with an interdisciplinary team to directly advance conservation initiatives. Students in this program are enrolled in an independent research course in the spring semester, receive a stipend to complete the project on a full-time basis over the summer, and enroll in an independent research course in the fall. Students participate in a weekly lab meeting that focuses on the research and professional skills needed to be effective conservation leaders.

Propose a Research Project for 2022!

The IIC is seeking proposals from conservation partners (e.g. non-governmental organizations, government agencies, tribal governments, Indigenous Peoples & local communities, and private corporations) for applied research projects that advance integrative solutions to conservation challenges that will be conducted by undergraduate students as part of this year-long program in 2022. Note: The student application process for the year-long Conservation Research Program will begin in early October 2021. Sign up for the IIC Listserv to receive updates. 

Submit a research proposal

2021 Conservation Research Program 

These interdisciplinary conservation projects were proposed by conservation partners, governmental agencies, and W&M offices as applied projects needed to improve environmental conservation action, management, and policy. A cohort of students has worked alongside conservation partners and faculty mentors to complete this project in 2021. The students will be presenting their research findings in October of 2021, so please stay tuned to learn about their research.

2021 Year-Long Conservation Research Program

Interdisciplinary Conservation Research Projects

In addition to the year-long conservation research program, the IIC supports students and faculty with the completion of applied and innovative research needed to advance conservation solutions. Click on the link below for a list of projects.

2021 Conservation Research Projects

Completed Research Projects

Supported by the Charles Center and the IIC, five undergraduate students completed research projects in collaboration with conservation partners in the summer of 2020. Click on the link below to learn about how William & Mary students are supporting conservation organizations with applied research needed to advance real-world conservation outcomes.

2020 Conservation Research Projects