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Program Reviews

In 1986, the Virginia legislature passed a resolution requesting that state colleges and universities "establish" assessment programs to measure student achievements. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) issued guidelines in March 1987. Over the years, the guidelines have become more prescriptive. (e.g. reporting guidelines specific to student competencies in areas such as writing and technology) At William & Mary, we have continued to address external reporting requirements through internally-focused, periodic assessments conducted by an external review team and overseen by the Assessment Steering Committee. In the past, assessments have included a summary of changes made since the previous assessment, a review of undergraduate experiences and outcomes associated with the academic unit, and a visit by an external review team. Currently, the college has adopted and instituted a framework to document processes of institutional effectiveness on campus. The framework, referred to as PIE, was developed in response to new SACSCOC guidelines for accreditation. The PIE provides a framework by which departments can clearly articulate their purpose or mission, faculty expectations for student learning, activities related to learning expectations, and a plan for evaluation and evidence-based decision-making.