Assessing General Education

The College (COLL) Curriculum

In 2013, the faculty approved changes to the general education curriculum, adopting the new College ("COLL") Curriculum.  Beginning with its implementation in the fall of 2015, the COLL Curriculum is monitored through periodic assessments of each course.

Goals for assessing COLL requirements are to (1) assist the A&S Educational Policy Committee (EPC) in monitoring the COLL Curriculum, (2) provide departments, programs, and faculty with information that can be used to improve and enhance COLL courses, and (3) address external reporting requirements.

Each COLL assessment takes place during an academic year. General steps are listed below. To access information and support documents for upcoming assessments, click on the links under each COLL.

  • Collection of Course Portfolios: Each faculty member who is teaching a relevant COLL course submits a “course portfolio.”
  • Student Survey:  Students enrolled in relevant COLL courses are surveyed about their experiences in their courses. 
  • Course Portfolio Review:  The Assessment Steering Committee reviews each Course Portfolio using a Course Portfolio Rating Guide and submits a report for distribution to the A&S Educational Policy Committee, relevant department chairs and program directors, Center for the Liberal Arts Fellows, and faculty teaching the COLL courses.  When applicable, results also are presented in reports to SACSCOC, SCHEV, and others, as appropriate.
COLL 100 (assessment: 2016-17)
COLL 200 (assessment: 2016-17)

For questions about the COLL assessments, contact [[drridl, Denise Ridley-Johnston]] (1-2608) or [[slbosw, Susan Bosworth]] (1-3485) in IAE.