Freshman Seminar Requirement

The Freshman Seminar requirement provides first-year students with a substantive seminar experience that is reading-, writing- and discussion-intensive. The goal of freshman seminars is to initiate students into the culture of critical thinking and independent inquiry that is at the core of the undergraduate program. (from the William & Mary 2003-2004 Course Catalog)

Each entering undergraduate student is required to pass one freshman seminar. The only students who are exempt from this requirement are transfer students who enter the College with at least 24 semester credits earned after graduation from high school, which have been accepted for credit at the College of William and Mary. College credits earned through Advanced Placement or other placement tests will not be counted towards the 24 semester credits required for exemption. The freshman seminar requirement should be completed during the freshman year. A student may not declare a major until this requirement is completed. Freshman seminars are usually numbered 150 and are offered in most departments and programs. Freshman seminars designated "W" and other lower-division courses designated "W" may be used to satisfy the lower-division writing requirement when the student earns a C- or better.