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PIEs – Process of Institutional Effectiveness

Academic Profile/Process of Institutional Effectiveness (PIE)

PIEs is a system W&M has developed to document that we continually monitor and adjust what we do to effectively meet our goals within educational programs.  PIEs reflect both a process and a profile of institutional effectiveness.  

PIEs for educational programs focus on: (1) Expectations (a.k.a. Outcomes) – what faculties expect students to learn in the major, (2) Experiences – curricular experiences designed to address those expectations, (3) Assessments – assessments faculties conduct to measure the extent to which expectations are being met, and (4) Enhancements – changes based on assessments that are designed to enhance and improve student learning. 

For questions about PIEs, contact Denise Ridley-Johnston (1-2608) or Susan Bosworth (1-3485) in IAE.