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Supplemental Pay Policy

I. Purpose

William & Mary ensures that employees are compensated appropriately for services provided to the university in accordance with federal and state regulations, this policy establishes the appropriate method for payment of services rendered as supplemental payments.

II. Policy

Supplemental Pay or temporary pay can be provided to an employee who experiences a change in job duties and responsibilities for a specified period of time.  The change in job duties can be as a result of an assignment to a special project, reassignment during organizational changes, etc.  Supplemental Pay is not intended to cover brief recruitment periods or short-term absences of other department personnel which do not exceed two (2) weeks.

Supplemental Pay may be in the form of enhancements to base salary, secondary job assignments with a specific rate of pay, or personal service agreements (PSA).

A Personal Service Agreement (PSA) is an employment mechanism that facilitates the processing of an employee's pay as an exception to the university's pay policy.  PSA's are to be used in exceptional instances meeting the criteria of short term in duration, and nonrecurring in nature.

III. Procedures

The Supervisor should provide the Department of Human Resources with a completed Personnel Action Form (PAF) reflecting the start date for the Supplemental Pay and the appropriate ending date.

All appropriate authorities must sign this Personnel Action Form prior to submitting the form to the Department of Human Resources.

Supplemental Pay cannot exceed 10% of the employee's annual base salary adjusted for the duration ofthe special assignment.  Quarterly reviews by the supervisor and Human Resources are requiredto determine the continuance of Supplemental Pay.  This special pay generally is for a period of  less than six months.  If the special pay will continue beyond that period, the appropriate Vice President/Dean must approve the extension.

IV. Authority and Interpretation

The Department of Human Resources interprets this policy and shall revise or eliminate any or all parts as necessary to meet the changing needs of William & Mary with the approval of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration.