Clearance Policy and Procedures

Title:  Clearance Policy and Procedures for University/Classified Employees and Hourly


Effective Date:  February 16, 2007

Page:         1

Revision Date:  February 10, 2010

Responsible Office:  Human Resources

I. Purpose

To ensure that any classified/operational full-time, part-time or hourly employee terminating his or her employment with the College of William and Mary and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science has satisfied any obligations to the College and has the information and assistance necessary to facilitate a smooth transition.

II. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the College that an employee, who terminates his or her employment with the College, will return all property, pay all fees and fines, and/or complete all assignments due the College prior to departure.  The employee will verify that all obligations have been met by completing a Clearance Form.

William & Mary Clearance Form (pdf)

Virginia Institute of Marine Science Clearance Form (pdf)

III. Procedures

The employee should obtain a Clearance Form from his or her department or from the Office of Human Resources.  The employee is responsible for obtaining the appropriate departmental signatures and submitting the completed form to the Office of Human Resources prior to his or her departure.

If an employee leaves the College without completing the Clearance Form, the Office of Human Resources will withhold that portion of the final paycheck at issue, unless the fine is formally contested.

IV. Authority and Interpretation

The Office of Human Resources interprets this policy and shall revise or eliminate any or all parts as necessary to meet the changing needs of The College of William and Mary with the approval of the Vice President of Administration.