Performance Management

The performance plan and evaluation process is an important way for a supervisor to provide ongoing coaching, feedback, and counseling to operational and classified employees.  The purpose of this process is to set goals, objectives and expectations for future performance as well as to provide constructive feedback and comments with respect to past performance.


  • All full-time operational and classified employees who have completed their probationary periods are required to participate in this process.
  • Probationary employees hired between October 25 and July 24, must have their performance evaluations completed between August 10 and October 24.
  •  A performance evaluation is not required for probationary employees hired between July 25 and October 24.  A supervisor may choose to complete an evaluation.
  • ALL probationary employees who have completed six months of the probationary period must have a formal written evaluation made using the PPR form. Please refer to Probationary Period policy for Operational Employees for more information.