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TONE Program


 The TONE program helps new employees more quickly become part of our community and connects them with others outside of their work area.

Tribe Connectors 

A Tribe Connector is a faculty or staff member who volunteers to be partnered with a new employee. A Tribe Connector can help new employees through the initial phase of being in a new place.

Program Overview 
  • TONE matches seasoned and experienced employees with new employees to help them understand our culture and our workplace environment.
  • Tribe Connectors help the new employees acclimate to their new surroundings.
  • It is meant to generate engagement, build connections, and help the new employee navigate through our system.
  • It aims to prevent our new staff from feeling isolated and/or disconnected.
  • Tribe Connectors help our new employees feel welcome by promoting a sense of belonging.
  • Tribe Connectors are a source of information and the go-to person to learn about resources and services (Tribe Connectors provide a point of contact in those first few months).
  • Tribe Connectors help with all sorts of things from learning where to go to get coffee; how to get to different buildings; who to call to get their questions answered, or how to buy tickets for the football game.
  • This program promotes relationships and builds social and professional networks.
  • Participation is voluntary.
Ways Tribe Connectors May Help A New Employee
  • Best nearby coffee shop or pharmacy
  • Favorite or popular lunch spots
  • Any important acronyms (PPF, VIMS, EAP, CAS, TSC, etc.)
  • Purchasing tickets for sporting events
  • How to join an affinity group
  • Using multi-media services at Swem
  • Information about the Rec. Center; faculty/staff fitness sessions
  • How to find out about campus events
  • Taking classes at W&M
Activity Suggestions 
  • Attend a campus event.
  • Meet for coffee/lunch (or after work).
  • Walk together to the office that can help with a particular service/resource (Rec. Center, Ticket Box Office, Dining Center, Sadler Center, Kimball Theater, Muscarelle Museum, etc.)
  • Show off our campus grounds and buildings.
  • Explain how they can join one of our affinity groups.
  • Review the college’s mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities.
  • Share cool/fun/interesting facts about W&M.
  • Introduce new colleagues.
  • Showcase CW and Williamsburg, VIMS and other W&M campuses.

NOTE: Ideally, most activities will take place during your lunch hour, scheduled breaks, or after work hours.

Time Commitment 
  • 90 days
  • May continue longer if both the Tribe Connector and the new employee wish to continue.
The program is not designed to: 
  • be a replacement for the new employee’s supervisor.
  • train the employee on job-required skills.
  • determine a new employee’s professional development.
  •  monitor or review job performance.
  •  be a reporting tool (Tribe Connector does not report back to the new hire’s supervisor)
  • advise on work-related conflict; however, the Tribe Connector may direct the new employee to our available resources and services.