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Making a Selection

Reference Checks:
Reference checks are a critical part of the selection process.  Reference checks can give you information about an applicant's current and past performance.  You may check references at any time during the process.  At least two reference checks are required; keeping in mind to contact the candidate's current or most recent supervisor, if possible and at least one former employer or supervisor.  A sample reference check form  (pdf) is available on the HR website.  Information gathered from a reference check is considered confidential.

Final Selection and Hiring Proposal:
Each applicant should be evaluated carefully and completely.  As the hiring official you expected to be prepared to explain that your decision was based on factors related to the job.  Refer to the I Selected the Finalist What Do I Do? (pdf) for additional reference.

•    Identify your applicant of choice and conduct employment references, if not already completed.  Refer to the applicant’s application to ensure authorization to contact current employer has been given.
•    You are encouraged to conduct a minimum of two (2) professional references prior to an offer being extended and complete the Reference Check form for both. 
•    Your finalist will be updated as the finalist, and you can begin creating the Hiring Proposal in PeopleAdmin.  Initiate the Hiring Proposal, but keep in mind if the salary offer will exceed the original approved budget, additional approval must be obtained by the appropriate Budget approval department.
•    The remaining applicants are to be moved from Interviewed to Not Under Consideration.  The reasons for non-selection are an essential element of the recruitment process.  You must be diligent when selecting these reasons and be prepared to explain and defend your selections.

Reasons for Non-Selection:

Reasons for non-selection of applicants must be job-related.  This information becomes part of the official record for each recruitment.  It is used to ensure compliance with Employment and EEO policies and is examined in the routine audit of selection decisions and in the investigation of any complaints.   Reasons for non-selection may not be related to:

•    Race, sex, age, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, political affiliation or veteran status.
•    Physical or mental disability that does not interfere with the applicant's ability to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.
•    Other factors which are not job-related.

Job Offer and Hiring Process – this is the final step in the process.

•    Contact your Employment Specialist to initiate a Criminal History Check for your finalist.
•    Once the Hiring Proposal has been processed with all required approvals, the Reference Checks received and the results of the criminal history check are approved, a verbal offer of employment can be extended once your ES confirms this step has been completed, not before.
•    Once your finalist accepts the verbal offer, contact your ES to notify them of the acceptance and anticipated start date.
•    For Staff hires, Human Resources will prepare a written confirmation of the offer along with important information about the date and time of their Benefits and New Employee Orientations.
•    For Professional hires, the hiring department will prepare a written confirmation along with important information about the date and time of their Benefits and New Employee Orientations.
•    Newly hired employees will also be provided with information on accessing the online Form I9 site.  For any questions on this process, please refer to Form I9 Resources located on the HR website and the Form I9 Management Process Check List