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Key Roles & Definitions

Hiring Official:  The Hiring Official (HO) owns the hiring decision and is ultimately responsible for actively participating in the employment process including evaluating the position and applicants.

Employment Specialist:   The Employment Specialist (ES) partners with the hiring official throughout the recruiting and hiring process.  The ES guides the hiring official through the hiring process ensuring all hiring and compliance protocols are followed.  Provides updates and training as required.  Click this link to find your   Human Resource contact assigned for Compensation & Employment

Compensation Analyst:  The Compensation Analyst (CA) partners with the hiring official in performing position and compensation analysis.  Consults with the hiring official on creating and/or updating position descriptions as well as compensation matters for applicant offers.

Position/Job Description:   The core document which details the required (minimum) and desired (preferred) qualifications for a position.  It also includes the conditions of employment, funding and physical requirements for the position.  Serves as the foundation for evaluating applicant materials and selecting applicants for interviews.