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Preparing for Interviews

Every applicant invited for an interview must meet the minimum qualifications of the position.  Applicants meeting the minimum AND some or all of the preferred qualifications represent those in your pool that are the most qualified.

1.    Interview Questions:  Create a list of questions to identify whether the applicant possesses the required knowledge, skills and abilities.  A final version of the questions will be retained in your department recruitment file.  Sample questions are available on the HR website at:  Sample Interview Questions (pdf)

2.    Questions must focus on job related functions and the ability of the applicant to perform those functions.  Ask open-ended questions to encourage the applicant to answer in sentences, not just a yes or no response.

3.    Consider using behavioral based interview questions.  These types of questions are based in the theory that the most accurate predictor or future performance is past performance.  Behavioral based questions are attempting to determine behavior patterns.  For example:  a question could be “Describe a time on any job when you were faced with dealing with a difficult person.  How did you handle it?”  For more examples see Sample Behavioral Questions

4.    Contact the applicant to set-up an interview.  Be sure to provide directions to get to the interview location, and parking instructions.  The HO should change the status of these applicants to Interview Pending.

5.    Provide guidance to members of your search committee or interview panel on the process and expectations.  Establish a schedule for the interviews, requesting all members make themselves available and come prepared.

Conducting Interviews

•    Applicants are evaluated on the basis of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. Selection criteria must be established and applied  consistently.  
•    Interviewers must document applicant responses to questions to evaluate their qualifications.
•    It is important to listen attentively and carefully to the applicant’s responses.  Make sure the applicant answers the question being asked and if not, ask it again.
•    Offer the applicant an opportunity to express himself/herself in an open-ended way.  (Example, “Is there anything we have not asked you today, you would like for us to consider?”)
•    Applicants should be told that reference checks will be conducted and the hiring manager should verify appropriate information is provided to contact references.
•    After completing the interview the Hiring Official should change the status to "Interviewed".
•    Maintain and ensure confidentiality of all records related to the search.

Refer to Interviewing Tips (pdf)