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Hiring Temporary Employees

There are two ways to hire a temporary employee to work in your department.  You can create a temporary position using PeopleAdmin or contact an external temporary agency.

Create a Temporary Position:

To create a temporary position in PeopleAdmin, please refer to the Temporary Employment Guide for step by step instructions to guide you through the process of creating a temporary position and hiring the temporary using PeopleAdmin.

Using a Temporary Agency:

If you choose to work with a temporary services agency, we have provided a list of agencies and their rates. Temporary agency requests should use eVA (Virginia's eProcurement Marketplace).

Tips for Identifying and Evaluating Temporary Agencies:
  • Be clear about what your goals are and what you hope to gain from the use of a temporary employee.  
  • Find out about the agency's specializations, client companies, typical work assignments and the benefits and training that may be available to temporary employees.
  • Make sure that the representative placing your request for a temporary would be easily accessible and actively interested in your particular situation.
  • Ask about the agency's screening and interview process.
  • Make sure you are completely satisfied with the employment conditions of the agency before you bring on a temporary.
  • Be selective and also feel free to inquire with more than one agency at the same time.