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Criminal History Background Check Process

It is the policy of W&M to hire individuals only after conducting criminal history and other background checks and considering whether any past conduct, if repeated at W&M, could substantially adversely affect an important interest of the university or members of the campus community.

Truescreen, a third party provider, processes criminal history background checks for those applicants considered as a finalist for a non-sensitive position. The process is as follows:

  1. An email will be sent to the applicant inviting them to login to the Application Station to complete the online release form and complete the required information for Truescreen to run the report.
  2. The results will be returned to the designated individuals in Human Resources. 
  3. The turnaround time for most checks will be within two days of receiving the release from the applicant, but they can take a few weeks.
  4. Your Employment Specialist will communicate clearance of the candidate once the process is complete.
  5. For information regarding the fees association with the standard criminal history background check as well as the type of information provided, please refer to the Truescreen Criminal History Background Check Details.