Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)

A professional development model

Virginia Institute for Marine Science provided one-time funding of $25,000 for professional and operational employees to use toward development activities.  Employees completed an application process explaining their purposed use of the funds and purpose of the development activity.  The applications were reviewed by a subcommittee from the VIMS Professional/ Professional Faculty Council and their Staff Assembly representative.  Of the 28 applications received for the FY11 funding year, 25 were partially to fully funded.  Employees participated in workshops, earned boating certifications and attended conferences. 

In order to determine the feasibility of repeating this process, the subcommittee surveyed employees asking if the funds were available again, would they apply and for what/how much.  The subcommittee has used the employee response to submit a budget request along with information on how many professional and operational employees at VIMS would benefit from continuing to fund this initiative.


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