University Development

A professional development model

University Development has offered sporadic professional development training to staff in the past.   Beginning July 1, 2011, the department will have a director who will set up a training/professional development department for all staff.  The director will work closely with the College's Training & Development director on processes, resources and delivery of training.

One of the first tasks will be to perform a needs assessment, consisting of comments on needs from supervisors and other management, as well as users.  Training will be assessed from the standpoint of how the department must grow and change to serve accelerated fund raising needs over the next several years, as well as how to recruit and retain excellent staff.  Thus, the training topics will be addressed strategically based on an individualized education plan for each employee.

Additional features of this new initiative that are being considered include:

  • Establishing an advisory committee
  • Offering trainings in various modes---from individual training at a conference, webinars to a large or small group at the office, trainers we bring in for a large group, video-taped seminars, sessions done by our staff in person, on DVD, on YouTube or podcast, and supplement with written “How To’s” and FAQs.
  • Develop a menu of offerings that are “Must”, “Should” and “May” customized for each employee.  The menu will also provide information on when the training should take place (1 month after hire, 6 months after hire, 12 months, etc.). 

 For more information contact [[bckent, Betty Carroll Kent]].