Swem Library

A professional development model

Swem Library has a Training and Development Committee with co-chairs and six additional members.  The Swem Library Staff Training and Development Committee provides library staff members with opportunities to acquire and maintain skills related to job performance, new technology, and professional development. The committee meets roughly every 2 months to plan programs, brainstorm ideas and discuss various issues concerning staff training and development. 

The Training and Development Committee:

  • Identifies staff training and development needs on an ongoing basis,
  • Develops training materials and organize or conduct instructional programs and activities,
  • Encourages staff participation in training and development activities,
  • Invites staff members to notify the committee of programs that the committee could consider presenting,
  • Requests funding for training and development activities,
  • Monitors literature in the field and recommend appropriate training materials for the collection,
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the library training and development program, and
  • Reports training and staff development activities to the library administration and staff on an annual basis.


The development programs (usually 1-2 hours in length) represent a mix of professional and personal development opportunities.  While there is an annual budget of $2000, most programs are free.  A recent sample:

  • Training and local support for the new email and calendar systems on campus
  • Swem sessions on Advanced Google searching and Tribe Responses
  • A local cardiologist came and talked to us about heart health
  • Certification in CPR and First Aid
  • CommonHealth programs (Mary Louise Gerdes)
  • Special appearances by W&M Director of Training & Development Susan Mongold
  • Tours of new and renovated campus buildings (especially libraries)
  • Other campus speakers: W&M Police Department (personal safety) W&M Recreation Center (overview for staff)
  • Swem student hiring paperwork
  • Sinfonicron performance preview in Botetourt Gallery


For more information [[acschi, contact Amy Schindler]]  and [[mtdavi, Troy Davis]], co-chairs Swem Staff Training and Development Committee.