Law School Library

A professional development model

The Law School library has taken on the role of creating opportunities for professional and personal development for all employees of the Law School. There is a committee of four which meet once a year and continues the business of planning opportunities by email throughout the year. Since staff development meetings are allowed between 12 to 1 p.m., most employees are able to adjust their lunch hour that day to attend. Meeting announcements are broadcast by email to all employees and all are welcome to bring their lunches.

Meeting topics are varied and include the topics below in categories:

  • CommonHealth programs such as breast cancer awareness
  • Tours including Kimball Theater, National Center for State Courts, the Schools of Education and Business, the Rockefeller Library at CW, and the botanical gardens
  • Other programs including fire safety, identity theft, gardening, genealogy topics (4 sessions), slavery in America, the courtroom project, different computer programs, Alzheimer’s disease, and travel in Japan

There is no cost to attend and no budget for the committee. Occasionally, someone donates cookies as most programs are planned as a brown bag lunch setting.


For further information, please call Betta Labanish at 1-6352.