Mason School of Business

A professional development model

The Mason School of Business has taken two approaches to providing opportunities for employee professional development.

  • In-house training opportunities are offered to all hourly, classified, operational and professional employees.  Typically these sessions last from hour to ½ day and the instructors provide the instruction pro-bono.  The sessions are coordinated by the Director of Administration who announces the training sessions. 
  • Financial resources are provided in two ways.  Faculty professional development is managed by the individual academic dean with funding allocated for this purpose.  Hourly, classified, operational and professional employees are allocated up to $150 per year to attend seminars and workshops.  The topic is driven by interest and/or a needs assessment, is approved by the supervisor, and submitted to the Director of Administration as a written request.


For more information on the School of Business’ approach to professional development, contact Kathy Butuceanu at 1-2892.