A professional development model

Athletics supports professional development through a tiered approach.  This approach has been successful because the ideas are generated from the employee in response to needs they have expressed and because of the casual environment in which they are conducted.  Funding for luncheons, speakers and training comes from the Tribe Club, grants or private funding.

  • Classified/Operational staff is encouraged to take at least 2 courses/programs annually for professional development which would typically include course offerings from IT (such as Excel or Word classes) or other training and development offerings
  • Assistant Coach professional enhancements through attendance at conferences and training off-campus are provided through the Harvey Grant.  This is a fund provided by a donor specifically for the continued education of our assistant coaches.  Requests are solicited by a specific due date and are considered by a committee who then allocates the annual value of the grant among the approved requests.
  • Monthly Coaches meetings –with open discussion on specific topics and procedures as appropriate to the department and time of year.  Usually lunch is provided through funding from the Tribe Club.  This is a great group opportunity for discussion and may include a speaker (i.e.: Ed Irish on financial aid; Amy Schindler on archives, Julie Hunt on performance evaluations).
  • Head Coach Council and Assistant Coach Council – each meet once a month (separately) with lunch at the Caf.  This is an informal discussion of concerns and feedback on anything from new NCAA rules to College policies to trends in athletics.  This helps generate speakers and topics for the monthly coaches meetings. 
  • Operational Employees – Similar to the monthly coaches meetings, a semi-annual/quarterly meeting for operational employees is being started. This will be an opportunity for Operational employees to have their input/suggestions recognized and their concerns addressed.
Tribe Link

A monthly internal newsletter addressing issues that have arisen between meetings or is information needed for immediate release.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine also has specific in-service training depending on needs, averages 2 or 3 in each fall and spring semesters.

Topical Programs

Speakers on topics targeting coaches and student-athletes are brought in 3-4 times a year.  Topics vary and have previously included Hazing, Diversity, Substance Use & Performance, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, and Social Media Use.  These sessions are made available to all Athletics employees.


Please contact [[jllabi, Jaime LaBianco]] , Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director at 757-221-3332 or [[slcole, Steve Cole]], Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations at 757-221-3361 for further information.